Framework for Java Pointer Analysis

Public Repository

Archived Releases (for backward compatibility purposes)

Binary (+ Doop source)

The binary distribution of Doop consists of the Doop source plus binaries of dependencies (soot, soot-fact-generation, logicblox-unit, jsglr).

Please check the README for instructions on how to proceed after unpacking the distribution.


Doop analyzes Java bytecode. We extract facts from Soot's Jimple representation of bytecode. Soot Fact Generation is a tool that reads Java bytecode and writes tab-separated files with information about the bytecode and its dependencies.

LogicBlox Unit is a tool for testing LogicBlox Datalog specifications. The testsuite of Doop uses this tool. LogicBlox Unit is not deployed as part of LogicBlox. LogicBlox Unit uses jsglr, the Java implementation of SGLR. This package is included as a binary in the distribution of Doop. To comply with the requirements of the LGPL license, we provide the source code of jsglr.

last update: 2017-8-17