Difference Between a Software Architect and Software Developer

Most people often tend to interchange the term Software Architect and Software Developer and others believe that they both mean the same thing. However, on a proper examination of their roles and functions, one can understand that they totally mean different things altogether.

Although it would not be wrong to say that both of them deal specifically with the development of the software, they also perform various functions in the process of software development. In some organizations, you can often find a person performing the functions of both the Software Architect and Software Developer. Most people do not know that the process carried out by each of these job roles is quite different and requires proper attention to detail.

Who is a Software Architect?

The Software Architect is basically saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the interactions and structure of the software is highly planned and well-structured in a way that brings out the uniqueness of the software. It is important to point out that a Software Architect is a Software Engineer who knows exactly the right interface and adequate method of building long-lasting software in adherence to the laid-out ethics and practices.

Once there is a programming problem, the Software Architect would also be the one to come up with proper development principles to ensure that such a problem is resolved. The Software Architect is also charged with the responsibility of inputting various designs and patterns in a software system.

This is usually done using a theoretical pattern. In other words, the Software Architect is involved in building out the codes and main framework that will be used for the development of the software. Just the same way and architect will design a house and further give the plan to the builders, this is the same way a Software Architect will come up with the right charts and diagrams and thereafter hand it down to the Software Programmers/ developers to implement the software.

Who is a Software Developer?

A software developer can also be referred to as a Software Programmer or Engineer who is primarily involved in the efficient and effective development of the software. The Software Developer is more concerned with the proper thinking in order to ensure that the maintainability, reusability, completeness, and correctness of the particular software are really implemented on the software development process. The Software Developer uses the codes that have been prepared by the Software Architect to ensure that the software is properly developed. The Software developer also ensures that any future problem that may occur is detected and possible solution proffered. 

Most people believe that a Software Architect is the same with a Software Developer but with the discussion that has been made above, more clarification is given on the roles and functions carried out by either the Software Developer or Software Architect. However, it needs to be reiterated that they all play very vital and crucial roles in the development of the software and therefore work in tandem.