How does social media affect us

One of the most exotic things regarding social media is its outreach in terms of the number of people using it across boundaries. The fact that most of the world is almost connected through social media platforms helps a lot in influencing decisions people take day today. Similar to people who try to copy celebrities and athletes in terms of their outlook or clothing and in terms of how they keep fit or what do they eat, Et cetera. There is a reason why some sports personalities are among the most followed celebrities in the world. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo has 232 million followers on Instagram, while Lionel Messi has 163 million followers on Instagram.

Nowadays while some people just browse through Instagram photos and find the information they need, others worry and wonder “how do you know who visited your Instagram”. So it is quite possible that people tend to get influenced in their decision by what they see and who they look up to on social media.

How does it influence?

According to the renounced health and fitness website, people feel a subtle ‘nudge’ movement psychologically where they feel the need to try out something their beloved ones or someone in the family have tried in terms of not only food but clothing, technology, automobile Et cetera. According to studies conducted by certain universities in the U.K. and the U.S., it was found that people tend to eat more than what they usually do, especially fruits since they feel that it provides better health to them and assists in recovery after training. The study shows that often, the people who influence the most are the peers and the subordinates with whom the person regularly meets.

What role social media plays?

Social media platforms have this dark side of themselves where they use your interest and provide you user-fit content so that people are inclined to spending vast amounts of time on these platforms. A simple example is how do you know who visited your Instagram. Although Instagram does not allow people to know such information, there is an application that quickly tells who has visited your profile in the last one or two weeks. The fact of the matter is these applications steal your private data and put it on display so that companies can advertise according to location and their niche so that they save cost in advertising and yet be even more resourceful than before.

In conclusion, there are a few social media applications that allow you to use your liking and preference to show you content, which will influence your decision in terms of buying a product and making a general decision. We need to understand that while all these things might be in our interest, it still does not justify the fact that these platforms are selling our private data to advertising firms and other companies who pay these companies a premium in order to push their sales through smart marketing.